TROLL Waste Water Treatment Kubota Kasui Indonesia, Jakarta. Alfa Laval, Superlok, Authorized Distributor | PT Instrumentasi Kreasindo Sentra
Inorganic waste water treatment facilities. Plating, alumite, pickling, painting, oil-inclusive waste water, polishing, etching.
Semiconductors, photography/printing, printed circuit boards, industrial waste, overall factory waste water, heavy metal-inclusive waste water, laboratory waste water. Organic waste water treatment facilities General living water, restaurants, hotels, dyeing, foods, chemicals, fermentation, laundry, stockbreeding, leather, paper manufacture, fibers, meat centers, rendering, hospitals, building pit.
  • Packed with self-solidified granular biomass of anaerobic bacteria
  • Decomposes BOD content
  • Small installation space
  • Low running cost
  • Easy operation, maintenance and management
  • Short commissioning time
  • Sugar manufacturing process waste water
  • Soybean processing waste water

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